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Segway Tours in Jerusalem

From Mishkenot Shaananim to the Wailing Wall

Segway Tour in Jerusalem

Segway Tour in Mishkenot Shaananim neighbourhood is a unique opportunity to meet the Old City, learn it's history and enjoy the atmosphere of it's ancient walls and buildings.

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Armon Ha-Natziv Promenade panoramic overview of Jerusalem

Segway Tour in Jerusalem

A 7 km long tour includes stopping at different observations points over looking the Old City, Mount Scopus, Mount Olives, Judean Dessert, the Dead Sea, and many more.

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Segway Tour in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Segway Tour in Jerusalem

ZUZU is the only certified Segway company licensed to operate a guided tour in the Biblical Zoo. Price includes the entrey fee and zoo's expert guidance. Come and see the Biblical Zoo with us!

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For special discounts and offers call +972 (3) 977-30-60 or +972 (2) 566-14-41


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Clients' feedbacks:

"Hello ZUZU! We just wanna say that we had a wonderful time. We were in Israel visiting my sister and her husband and the four of us took the Biblical Zoo tour and it was phenomenal, these things are so much fun! Kudos for the initiative, you have a great thing going there..."

Lee and Jane, Oklahoma

"Segway Tour in Biblical Zoo is one of the most memorable things of my trip around Israel. I will definitely do it again when I come back!"

Daria, 23 years old, Russia

"I am not a sporty person and never thought I will be able to drive segway... But it is so simple and so intuitive, that I forgot all my fears after one minute on it!"

Ruth, 48 years old, Israeli