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Companies Fun Days

If you got to this page it means you are interested in having some fun and quality time outdoors with your employees or colleagues. So what makes ZUZU Segways to be a perfect vendor of a fun day for a company like yours?

Let's begin with a fact that we have been a leading Segway company on an Israeli market since 2010 providing full range of Segway services: Segway tours, marketing campaigns on Segway, rentals, sales and of course organizing amazing outdoors activities on Segways. Having the biggest fleet of Segways in Israel we are able to organize large scale tours. Keep in mind that for the big tours we provide more of our staff members that are giving primary instructions of how to use Segway and who present during the whole tour to make sure that every participant feels comfortable and secure.

Our professional staff will happily answer all the questions you might have and will help you to organize the event that people will remember with a huge smile on their faces. We take care of all the small details. Just give us a call and we'll do the rest!

Tel Aviv office: 03-977-30-60
Jerusalem office: 02-566-1441

Glided with ZUZU:

A client is always right...

"I am not a sporty person and never thought I will be able to drive segway... But it is so simple and so intuitive, that I forgot all my fears after one minute on it!"

Ruth, 48 years old, Israeli