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Segway Tour in Safari Ramat Gan

  • Segway tour in Safari Ramat Gan
  • Segway in Safari Ramat Gan
  • Safari Ramat Gan, people taking Segway tour
  • People enjoying Segway tour at the zoo
  • Safari Ramat Gan
  • Unusual tour in Safari Ramat Gan

ZUZU is the only Israeli Segway company that is licensed to operate Segway tours inside one of the most popular attraction in Tel Aviv – Safari Ramat Gan.

Safari occupies more than 250 acres of nature right in the middle of the busy Tel Aviv, but with Segway your trip around Safari will not be exhausting and you will be able to visit the most distant corners of the park not accessible to many visitors.

Segway tour in Safari Ramat Gan gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience fascinating journey and see the largest animal collection in the Middle East. The African Park and the zoo are home to 1,600 animals of different species, amongst them 68 species of mammals, 130 species of fowl, and 25 species of reptiles.

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People say about ZUZU

"Hi guys! It's Mark from NY. I had such a good time in Safari!!! My girlfriend was so envy after she saw my pictures =) We'll make sure to come by next time we are in Israel!"

Mark, New York

"Segway Tour in Biblical Zoo is one of the most memorable things of my trip around Israel. I will definitely do it again when I come back!"

Daria, 23 years old, Russia

"I am not a sporty person and never thought I will be able to drive segway... But it is so simple and so intuitive, that I forgot all my fears after one minute on it!"

Ruth, 48 years old, Israel

"Shalom! Thank you for unforgettable experience! I am sending you my video from the tour and my warmest regards!"

Barbara, Argentina

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