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Segway Tours in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

We organize group and private tours on Segways all over Israel. Our Segway tours usually last around 2 hours and include 15 minutes training in the beginning of the tour.

ZUZU Segways is the only company in Israel that has exclusive right to operate Segway Tours in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo and Safari Ramat Gan (Tel Aviv).

Segway tour is a unique opportunity to try out something new and exciting that Israel has to offer you!

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Sales Promotion Using Segway

In today's competitive world what can be better than a new technological advantage that can work for you and move your business far ahead the competitors?

Sales promotion with Segway is a great chance to make people notice your product!
Segway is perfect for brand advertizing and promotions; it could be perfectly used indoors as well as outdoors.

Reach your audience instead of waiting for them to come to you!

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Segway For Sale

If you are interested in buying Segway for yourself or your Company - ZUZU Segways is the best place to go to!

We have brand new Segways as well as second hand units to make sure we cover all your possible needs.
Our representatives will be glad to invite you to a test drive and explain how the Segway works.

We have no doubts that this intuitive and mobile vehicle will take an important place in your life.

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Segway Rentals

Make your own tours with ZUZU Segways rentals for private parties, organizations or just for you and your family.

Feel free to take Segway all around the urban and rural areas of Israel for a fun, safe and technologically advanced adventure.

We provide safety and operation instruction, and then they are yours for as long as you need!

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