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  • Are Segways safe?
    The Segway has a self-balancing system which makes it extremely safe. The rider is in complete control on this intuitive two-wheeled vehicle as he/she controls the pace, even when going downhill, and the direction of movement with ease. These characteristics make the Segway a much safer alternative to bicycles, scooters and other such two-wheeled vehicles.

  • Is there an instructional session before the Segway tour?
    The guide gives a, in-depth 15 minute instructional session before each tour. There is also a trial run for the group which is done in an open and safe location. The tour begins only when the guide sure that everyone feels comfortable with the Segway and can control it with ease.

  • How fast are Segways?
    The Segway is capable of moving at speeds of 20 km/h [13.5 mph], however the law in Israel requires that Segways move no faster than 13.5 km/h. That being said, our tour guide sets a pace that is the most comfortable for everyone in the group.

  • Do you provide any protective gear?
    Yes, we provide a helmet as well as elbow and knee pads.

  • What type of shoes do I need to wear to ride on a Segway?
    Wear comfortable shoes, preferably sneakers or sandals.

  • Will I have insurance while participating on the tour?
    Yes, we provide insurance for all of the participants.

  • Is the tour refundable if I were to cancel beforehand?
    If you cancel at least 48 hours before the tour you receive a full refund. 
    If you cancel at least 24 hours before the tour you receive a 50% refund. 
    If you cancel less than 24 hours before the tour you do not receive a refund.

  • Is the cost of the tour refundable if I decide to stop participating during the tour?
    If you decide to leave in the middle of the tour you will not receive a refund.

  • What if I'm late for the tour?
    Unfortunately, there is no possibility to wait for those who are late. The tour must begin at it's scheduled time because there are other tours afterwards.

  • How many people are able to participate on one tour?
    Having the biggest fleet of Segways in Israel we are able to accommodate any of your needs with no limits to a group size.

  • Can people of all ages participate on a tour?
    The minimum age that we require for participation is 16 and we have no maximum age restrictions as long as the person is in good health and feels comfortable operating a Segway.

  • Arrival to the tour location / Tour locations
    All of our tour spots are located in a walking distance from most of tel aviv hostels like abraham hostels.



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People say about us:

"Hello ZUZU! We just wanna say that we had a wonderful time. We were in Israel visiting my sister and her husband and the four of us took the Biblical Zoo tour and it was phenomenal, these things are so much fun! Kudos for the initiative, you have a great thing going there..."

Lee and Jane, Oklahoma

"Segway Tour in Biblical Zoo is one of the most memorable things of my trip around Israel. I will definitely do it again when I come back!"

Daria, 23 years old, Russia

"I am not a sporty person and never thought I will be able to drive segway... But it is so simple and so intuitive, that I forgot all my fears after one minute on it!"

Ruth, 48 years old, Israeli